Presentations of the AQIA's 10th Annual Meeting - 2019

List of Attendees of the AQIA's 10th Symposium - September 18-19, 2019 (PDF)

Photo album (Google Drive)

Program (PDF)

Wednesday, September 18  


Thursday, September 19 - Talks, 300 second scientific pitches and panel

  1. Improve your training game to gain employee engagement - Jennifer McCreary, NSF International
  2. The power of play: using media to educate - Barbara Chamberlin, New Mexico State University
  3. 300 second picth of research projects (In French):
    1. Soufiane Telhig: Microcins: Promising alternatives to antibiotics
    2. Mathilde Trudel-Ferland: Development of an ultrafiltration method of viral concentration from food (See PDF file in the Photo album on Google Drive)
  4. Innovative strageties in education pedagogy (in French) - Sébastien Bédard, Digital Environment, Université Laval
  5. Menu-du-jour: raw chichen tartare? (in French) - Lyne Létourneau, Animal Science, Université Laval
  6. 300 second picth of research projects:
    1. Zeyan Zhong: Characterization of Bacteriophage Insensitive Escherichia coli via Comparative Genomic Analysis and BIOLOG Phenotype Microarray Studies
    2. Nissa Niboucha (in French): Comparative study of methods for sampling biofilms formed on stainless steel surfaces in a CDC bioreactor (See PDF file in the Photo album on Google Drive)
  7. Quality and Food Safety training in Quebec High School, College and University (in French):
    1. CSMOTA - Marie-France Héroux
    2. ITA Saint-Hyacinthe - Colombe Saint-Pierre
    3. Université Laval - Julie Jean,
  8. Quality and Food Safety training at work (in French):
    1. Olymel - Sylvain Fournaise
    2. Leclerc - Sébastien Beaulieu
    3. Steritech - Giose Catolino
  9. The learner at the center of the learning experience (in French) - Michel Lamontagne, retired from ITA, Food safety expert