Keynote Speakers


Vice-president, Global Food & Beverage Intelligent Supply Chain, Optel Group    

Vanessa holds a bachelor's degree in Food Engineering and an executive MBA. She works since 10 years in the food industry and held several positions in R&D management, quality and food equipment design. Ms. Grondin has a solid base of experience in food production as she worked for start-ups and multinational businesses as well. Her role as vice-president of agri-food industry at Optel consists in optimizing efficiency of supply chains, improve food safety, reduce food waste and create value for trademarks.   

Executive Director, Food Safety Science Directorate and Deputy Chief Food Safety Officer at the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA)

Dr. Dimitri is responsible for providing science advice, scientific risk intelligence, and overall science direction to inform policy analysis, program design, algorithm development and operational decision-making in the area of food. She is also responsible for designing food safety surveillance and monitoring programs, such as the National Chemical Residue Program and the National Microbiological Monitoring Program, as well as providing leadership on the food research agenda for the CFIA. 

As the executive lead of the Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) initiative within CFIA, she collaborates extensively across the Government of Canada, with international partners, and with stakeholders in the development and implementation of the pan-Canadian action plan in response to the global threat of AMR.   Aline is a graduate of McGill University where she received her Ph.D. in Food Science.   

Assistant Professor, North Carolina State University

Dr. Ben Chapman is an assistant professor and food safety extension specialist at North Carolina State University in Raleigh, NC. At North Carolina State University, Dr. Chapman supports Extension Agents, focusing on consumer, retail and foodservice food safety issues. Dr. Chapman has designed, implemented and evaluated on-farm food safety programs; consulted for industry and government around food safety issues and conducted observation studies at community dinners, foodservice, farmers’ markets and in food production settings.  Much of Ben’s focus is on telling food safety stories with the aim of creating and fostering good food safety culture. Chapman co-hosts a biweekly podcast called Food Safety Talk and tries to further engage folks online through Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Pinterest. He is also a regular contributor to